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How to cancel the sending?

On the Statistics page, you can click the button in front of the pending figure to cancel the sending. There is no way to 'pause' a sending. You can only remove the pending delivery, edit your draft again and send again to the rest of the email lists.

Tips on using e-marketing / EDM (Electronic Direct Mailing) correctly

The main purposes of your newsletter:

  1. Tell all your customers about a new product or service.
  2. Promote sales and special offers and events.
  3. Sending a customer a loyalty award (membership programs).
  4. Interesting and attractive news about your company that can attract the eyeballs of your customers.
  5. Newsletter, industry news, coming events.
  6. Ask for feedback.

Ideas for Using E-marketing in Your Sales and Marketing:

  1. New contacts follow-up. Email is a great way to follow up with a contact after they visit your business or you call them on the phone.
  2. New products or services. Let all of your customers know about a great new product by sending them email.
  3. Special promotions. Do you have special sales around holidays like July 4th or after-Thanksgiving? Are some of your products particularly popular at certain holidays, such as chocolate at Valentine’s Day? Send out email letting customers know about them.
  4. Targeted groups. E-marketing gives you the ability to easily target groups of customers with specialized messages and promotions, at a very low cost. If you sell business-to-business goods or services, this can be a great way to target individual industries. Some products are most popular in certain regions and e-marketing makes it simple to create lots of different promotions, so you can sell snow shovels in Wisconsin and sunscreen in Florida. The faster your customer spots relevant, useful items in your email, the more likely he or she will purchase.
  5. Share achievements. Has your company been the focus of a review by a newspaper, magazine, or online journal? Have you won any recent awards? Let customers know about your accomplishments—it adds to your company’s credibility and expertise.
  6. Send regularly. Share new product information, special offers, and other relevant news with your customers every month, or no longer than once per quarter. The repetition will help keep your business on their minds.

Tips for Generating Content

The content of your message should be authentic and concise. The key to success is to offer concrete, eye-catching material that sparks the reader’s interest. You can send messages about promotions and products, and value-added content about issues or trends affecting your clients’ business.

Remember, your ultimate goal with e-marketing is to nurture and grow your contact list. Your email should always have a clear message and call to action so that your contacts know what the next step will be. Encouraging your readers to take action provides you with valuable data that you can use to determine who is most interested and can help your sales team focus on the hottest leads. You can even survey your customers to encourage interaction and to get additional information.

How to add URL/Link?

Step 1, select the text you want to add URL and click the icon circled in blue

Step 2, fill in the URL

How to include images?

Step 1, click the Upload button as shown below to upload your image(s) first.

Step 2, the system uses a flash uploader by default so that you can upload 3 images at the same time. If the flash uploader does not work, you can try "Use traditional upload"

Step 3, after successful upload, you see the URL (link) to the uploaded image with its thumbnail on the right. Click and then copy the URL (by Ctrl-C)

Step 4, click the Image button below on the text editor.

Step 5, copy the image URL (by Ctrl-V) onto the URL. You may want to fill in "Alternative Text", set "Border" to 0 if necessary.

How to import emails from Excel?

Step 1, select the email addresses in your Excel. Copy them (Ctrl-C)

Step 2, click Address on the right hand side on main page

Step 3, select the Group to import and Paste the email addresses onto emails (Ctrl-V), and then click Import
Note sometimes, if you import lots of email addresses at one time, say more than 1,000 thousands, it may take very long time to complete and you may experience time-out. In that case, the email import process is undergoing. You can check the status from Statistics, by checking the Total number of emails in a group.

Step 4, to check or edit the imported emails, click Search/Edit. And then select the group you want to search or enter the email address you want to search.

How to edit in full screen?

The button in blue circle below toggles between full-screen and regular view.

How to avoid my newsletter being marked as spam?

Different email systems have different mechanisms to detect spamming email messages.

There is no guaranteed way to avoid any email being marked as spam, even those directly sent by its own email system.

However, we provide the following guidelines so that the chance can be largely reduced.

  1. Our system provides a function called on Step 1 page. You can save your draft and then click this button to see the chance of your newsletter being marked as spam.
  2. Use meaningful and targeted Subject and Content. Just check those email subjects and contents in your own spamming box. They are very good examples that you should AVOID.
  3. A real sender email address. Don't use faked email as the sender address, e.g. [email protected] Put a real email address that the recipient can reply to you.
  4. An email message with images only and no text contents. Most spamming checkers use this technique to define a message as spam.
  5. Large email systems, like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail have better spamming (and also stricter) strategies. If possible, try to ask your target for an email address from a private system instead of those webmail systems. Some examples that Gmail wrongly mark non-spamming email from other large providers as spam.

Many email systems invest lots of money and time in spamming detection technology. If any newsletter system claims it can break the spamming detection so easily, it means it can render the effort and investment useless, which is highly impossible.

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Laws on Spamming

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How to cancel the sending?

On the Statistics page, you can click the button in front of the pending figure to cancel the sending. There is no way to 'pause' a sending. You can only remove the pending delivery, edit your draft again and send again to the rest of the email lists.